A couple of nights ago, I went to see the highly anticipated film ‘La La Land’. After hearing raving reviews about the film, I was desperate to see it – also because it stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (legends). This movie is about Mia, an aspiring actress, who works in a local coffee shop, and Sebastian, a jazz pianist, whose aim was to bring jazz back to life. Both of which have high ambitions for themselves, but find they fall short, as they are one of many who also have the same dreams. Therefore, the movie displays the troubles they face in such a competitive area of work and show the consequences in the choices they make along the way to trying to reach their goal.

In my opinion, the film was spectacular; the music was so beautifully written, the dancing was well choreographed and the acting was brilliant. Although, a few of my friends who went with me and other people I have spoken to, have claimed the film did not reach their expectations. A few of them said that it was too much like a live show, in that, they didn’t like the musical feel to it. Which I cannot understand, the film is set in Los Angeles, the world of dancing, acting and music, so what were they actually expecting?!

la-la-land-ryan-gosling-emma-stone-1.jpgHowever, La La Land seems to have a darker meaning than people dancing on top of their cars. It expresses the constant battle between love and ambition and it portrays the consequences of chasing dreams, over love. This was conveyed beautifully, but it did leave me very tearful and upset! I think the film is trying to send a message to the people watching, that people should not always stick to their dream, if there is something better in front of them. It is hard to explain this, without going into full detail about what happened in the film, but I don’t want to give away any spoilers! All in all, La La Land tried to show what happened, and then what could have been, which was extremely eye-opening for the audience. I think a lot of people, including myself, have this fixed dream in their heads that they have got to achieve. But sometimes, whilst chasing that dream, something better might come along, and it is up to you to change direction, in hope of achieving greater, or to continue reaching for the dream you once had. 29-la-la-land-4.nocrop.w529.h373.jpg

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling both surprised me with their extra talents, Ryan with his piano playing and Emma with her lovely voice. The two work well together (as seen in Crazy, Stupid, Love) and they both helped the film come to life, allowing it to have a significant impact on the audience. I fully understand why the film won seven Golden Globes, it is one of the best films I have ever seen! The style, humour, the overwhelming emotions and the talent all piece together to form such an incredible movie. Well done to everyone involved in the production of La La Land – it was truly amazing.

I will definitely be watching the film again, and if you haven’t – you must see it!


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