Why Rowan Blanchard is already making history 

The 15 year-old first claimed her fame on the show ‘Girl Meets World’, a spinoff from the 80s show ‘Boy Meets World’. The show on Disney Channel expressed and emphasised the importance of acceptance and Rowan used this platform to further her argument.
The young feminist has given various speeches, encouraging young women to stand up for their rights. She also has highlighted and helped give a voice to the LGBTQ community, who she actively works alongside.

Rowan is not an average teenager, and has used this to her advantage, by spreading the message to her fans. She uses social media to express and educate her followers:

Her caption on a post she posted during Donald Trumps Inauguration

She is definitely a role model for young teens to look up to, and if she continues to involve herself in fighting for freedom for everyone; it is undoubtable that she will progress into becoming a known activist, giving a voice to those unheard, as well as making history.
Rowan is one to watch, as her acting career and her activist career are both rising significantly. Keep going Rowan, you are doing the younger generations proud.


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