As Michelle Obama has stated that you should ‘get the education you need to make your voice heard in the world’ and that women need to be ‘leaders in our workplaces. Ensuring that more women are hired in companies.’ 

To me, the best way to show men our intelligence and power is through education. For too many years, men have been known for being smarter than women, which is not true. Women are just as knowledgable.

‘Defying the myth that only science and math are for men’

As the world is developing, the world is shaping into a new society everyday, yet still, there is a discrimination against the female gender. Which needs to stop. Around the globe, young girls are being deprived from an education just because of their gender. We are living in the modern world, so why is equality still so imbalanced? Education should be offered to everyone, no matter of your gender, race or religion. Every single person deserves the opportunity to learn new things, such as maths, science or even technology!

Technology is transforming the world, however as I’ve already stated in my previous blog, the technological world is male heavy. Which women can actually begin to change, simply by teaching themselves and others about technology. Coding, is enhancing the world, apps and websites are now vital to any work company. Therefore, by women being able to grasp the skill of coding, we can begin to level out the playing field.

Women need to express their potential and intelligence through education, and by doing so, women can have the access to more jobs, more opportunities and really start to change the world for the greater good!


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