Amnesty International 

Amnesty is actually a big part of my life, since I run an Amnesty Club at my school and I’m trying to get myself and others involved as much as I can. You probably have heard of the organisation already, but if you haven’t – then look it up.

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million people in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end abuses of human rights. The majority of the help that Amnesty receives is through you, by you signing signatures or sending letters could possibly save a one person to a huge amount of people’s lives. If you go on their website ( then you can see all the issues and campaigns.

At my school, we are more focused on raising money for the organisation, and occasionally we write letters to Amnesty on issues and cases we are very much concerned about. We also have bake sales and we set up stalls at school fairs to get people to sign petitions. We don’t always have a lot of money at the end of each sale but I believe that our small donation will somehow benefit another persons life.

Amnesty is such a huge organisation yet it is constantly needing donations and support. Therefore, anyone who reads this, please go and look through their issues and start to take action. You may not think your one signature will make an impact, but trust me, it will. If you want to start changing the world but want to start small then sign a petition or donate a small amount of money. Because your help can REALLY make a difference.

Please look at the recent issues on their website and take action, because together, we can end the abuses of human rights.

Here is a current issue that is very important to me, and I’ll probably go more into detail about it in another blog. Click on the link to find out more:


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