How much do grades really mean?

During your life at school, you will think that getting an A is the most important thing, and that anything else below, lowers your self esteem. However, I am telling you now that the minute you walk into the world of careers, suddenly the exams you took back when you were 16 are not as important.

Nowadays, most people are getting A’s, which makes universities so much harder to get into, so they are looking elsewhere on your application form. They want to know your interests outside the classroom, whether you have done charity work or that you have a specific love for a sport. Grades are now not the only thing that will get you into uni, you need to show them that you are more to life than just homework.

However, I am not saying that you should just slack off your homework right now and never look back. You should continue to work hard, but not spend your whole weekend basing your time around revising or work. I suggest that you join a club, create a blog, or become apart of a sports team. Broaden your interests, so that uni’s can look at your application and straight away say yes.

Of course, universities are not for everyone, and I know that a lot of people just want to start a job, where an application process is needed as well. I know that they do look at your grades, but they also look for any experience or outside work. Grades are not going to show them whether you can organise a bunch of files, or have good speaking skills. Therefore, before applying to a job, make sure you have some experience on your CV, even if it is just helping out in an office for a week or working behind a counter in a shop. Anything that shows that you have more to offer than exam grades from when you were 18, could potentially help you with being accepted.

In short, I am saying that grades are not going to get you very far, it is your lifestyle and experience that will. Still try hard at school still, but don’t be too hard on yourself if you get a D or an E etc. If exams are just not for you and you don’t exactly excel in a particular subject, just try out a new sport or hobby, because uni’s and jobs care more about your character than a few grades on a page.


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