School Dress Codes

Throughout the years, schools have limited students to what they can wear. Understandably enough, short shorts are not work wear. However, spaghetti strap tops and a decent pair of shorts is also considered as not being suitable for school.

I live in England so I’ve never really had the need to wear shorts on own clothes day but sometimes in the summer, even when it’s only 20 degrees – to have the option to change into shorts would be nice. Therefore, I can’t even imagine what it must be like for kids in who live in hot parts of America to be denied to wear a strappy top because it ‘distracts boys’.


Dress codes are said to be put in place due to the fact that it is a working environment but is that the whole reason? I understand why crop tops might be an issue, but strappy tops and shorts are completely fine, especially on a hot day. Sitting in class, and feeling your skin almost boil and the clothes sticking to you, is JUST as distracting for yourself. Your attention is taken away from learning just so that a boy or a teacher doesn’t see a shoulder! I really think that schools need to stop sexualising clothes, especially what girls wear. Flesh is normal, it isn’t there to distract anyone.



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