If you haven’t watched glee, then you’re missing out. I remember discovering the show at my grandmas when there wasn’t anything else on. I decided to give it a go and instantly fell in love, with one Finn Hudson (and the rest of the show as well).

It became my new ritual for every Monday night and I was introduced to new situations that I wasn’t really aware of at that age. One of them was homosexuality, and at first, I remember feeling quite weirded out by it all. However, soon enough, it became the norm for me. I was able to understand that they have no control over who they love, just like anyone does! And to this day, I encourage so many of my younger friends to watch it, so they are not prejudiced to homosexuals, just because they don’t understand. For me, I thank glee for expressing the importance that everyone is normal, no matter their sexuality, religion, race or ethnicity.

Secondly, glee emphasised that you can almost do anything, even if you hit rock bottom. I’ll go through a few of the characters to show this:

1. Quinn committing  

At the start of glee, Quinn was the usual high school queen, head of the Cheerios and dating the quarterback. Stereotypical much? However, throughout glee, we watched her progress into a beautiful women – even though it took its time, she ended up doing well. One baby, one car crash, one melt down later, she finally blossomed and got into Yale, to me, that was truly inspirational. She hit rock bottom and was able to pick herself back up, brush herself off, and continue, accomplishing great things. You go Glen Coco!

2. Rachel Berry

At first, let’s all just say she was extremely annoying. She had no true friends, yet she had one big dream. Even though everyone picked on her throughout the whole of the show, she never really showed her weaknesses. She would just ignore it and carry on, no matter what was really said about her. Eventually, she ended up maturing into a strong, confident woman who made her own dreams come true. Towards the end of the show, she was one of my favourites, as her determination and hard work got to where she wanted to be – and she also had Finn Hudson as a boyfriend!

3. Santana Lopez

Most people know her as the typical mean girl, however in season 3 we begin to learn why. Santana is one of the most inspirational characters on the show, I think, even if she is constantly tearing everyone else down. We witnessed her being forcefully outed by Finn and had to confess her love for Brittany – even when her ‘abuela’ forbid it. After she was outed, she became confident about her sexuality and wasn’t afraid to show her real love for another girl. I think that she inspired many other girls and guys who were having sexuality issues, and she taught them to accept and love themselves, no matter what anyone else thinks!

4. Kurt Hummel

The one everyone adored. Kurt had a really rough time at High School, even before he announced his sexuality. We learn in the first few episodes that he was seriously depressed, he even picked up a pamphlet about committing suicide from the school counsellors office. But the glee club picked him up, they accepted his differences, such as his choice of style and shaped him into a confident man. Even though he had troubles with his dad getting to terms with the fact he was gay and having to deal with all the bullies – even when they threatened to kill him. He still rose above them, and though it took time, he landed a place at NYADA. Kurt came a long way through glee, and I will be forever proud of him.

5. Finn Hudson  

Finn was my all time favourite, since age 11, he was my major crush. His personality also added to the many reasons to why I loved him. He was always driven and wanting the glee club to do well, he was the one to motivate them. However, the show and the world lost an amazing actor, Cory Monteith back in 2013. It was a huge shock to everyone and when I watch glee again from time to time, it saddens me to know this amazing human is not still alive. He bought the glee club together, not caring what his football friends thought. He helped Santana and Kurt through their darkest times, he forgave Quinn for everything she had done – which was quite a lot! He dated Rachel (in real life too!). He was an inspiration to many, rest in peace you beautiful human.

So all in all, Glee was really a show to inspire many – from every aspect they could think of and I haven’t even included everyone! If I did, the blog would be never ending. So I picked my top 5, because I truly believe that these characters touched many people’s hearts and people were able to relate to them. So if you haven’t watched glee, please give it a try because it’s honestly an amazing show. (And I haven’t given away THAT many spoilers lol sorry)

‘Being apart of something special, makes you special’

Rachel Berry 


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