My love for dogs is unconditional. I cannot think of a day where I have not thought about dogs. I have two of my own, they are Labradors, and they are the most dumbest but loving dogs to possibly exits.

A lot of people question what humans did to deserve dogs and I think it is because we experience some part of our life where we feel alone or unloved. Dogs have a tendency to love humans no matter what skin colour they are or their sexuality. They see us as a person, a person who they love dearly. I really think we can learn from these dogs, though they might be oblivious to many things and run into glass doors. Their unconditional love really shows us how judgemental we are to our own species.

Dogs are able to give us what a lot of humans can’t, and that is happiness. They can fulfill our hearts with overwhelming joy, like when they come and greet a random stranger. I think if all humans were as loving as dogs were, our society would be more accepting and happier. Dogs are probably the greatest animals to exist on the earth and I’m forever grateful to have two of them in my life.

Ā Ā 
Ā Ā 


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