School Dress Codes

Throughout the years, schools have limited students to what they can wear. Understandably enough, short shorts are not work wear. However, spaghetti strap tops and a decent pair of shorts is also considered as not being suitable for school.

I live in England so I’ve never really had the need to wear shorts on own clothes day but sometimes in the summer, even when it’s only 20 degrees – to have the option to change into shorts would be nice. Therefore, I can’t even imagine what it must be like for kids in who live in hot parts of America to be denied to wear a strappy top because it ‘distracts boys’.


Dress codes are said to be put in place due to the fact that it is a working environment but is that the whole reason? I understand why crop tops might be an issue, but strappy tops and shorts are completely fine, especially on a hot day. Sitting in class, and feeling your skin almost boil and the clothes sticking to you, is JUST as distracting for yourself. Your attention is taken away from learning just so that a boy or a teacher doesn’t see a shoulder! I really think that schools need to stop sexualising clothes, especially what girls wear. Flesh is normal, it isn’t there to distract anyone.




If you haven’t watched glee, then you’re missing out. I remember discovering the show at my grandmas when there wasn’t anything else on. I decided to give it a go and instantly fell in love, with one Finn Hudson (and the rest of the show as well).

It became my new ritual for every Monday night and I was introduced to new situations that I wasn’t really aware of at that age. One of them was homosexuality, and at first, I remember feeling quite weirded out by it all. However, soon enough, it became the norm for me. I was able to understand that they have no control over who they love, just like anyone does! And to this day, I encourage so many of my younger friends to watch it, so they are not prejudiced to homosexuals, just because they don’t understand. For me, I thank glee for expressing the importance that everyone is normal, no matter their sexuality, religion, race or ethnicity.

Secondly, glee emphasised that you can almost do anything, even if you hit rock bottom. I’ll go through a few of the characters to show this:

1. Quinn committing  

At the start of glee, Quinn was the usual high school queen, head of the Cheerios and dating the quarterback. Stereotypical much? However, throughout glee, we watched her progress into a beautiful women – even though it took its time, she ended up doing well. One baby, one car crash, one melt down later, she finally blossomed and got into Yale, to me, that was truly inspirational. She hit rock bottom and was able to pick herself back up, brush herself off, and continue, accomplishing great things. You go Glen Coco!

2. Rachel Berry

At first, let’s all just say she was extremely annoying. She had no true friends, yet she had one big dream. Even though everyone picked on her throughout the whole of the show, she never really showed her weaknesses. She would just ignore it and carry on, no matter what was really said about her. Eventually, she ended up maturing into a strong, confident woman who made her own dreams come true. Towards the end of the show, she was one of my favourites, as her determination and hard work got to where she wanted to be – and she also had Finn Hudson as a boyfriend!

3. Santana Lopez

Most people know her as the typical mean girl, however in season 3 we begin to learn why. Santana is one of the most inspirational characters on the show, I think, even if she is constantly tearing everyone else down. We witnessed her being forcefully outed by Finn and had to confess her love for Brittany – even when her ‘abuela’ forbid it. After she was outed, she became confident about her sexuality and wasn’t afraid to show her real love for another girl. I think that she inspired many other girls and guys who were having sexuality issues, and she taught them to accept and love themselves, no matter what anyone else thinks!

4. Kurt Hummel

The one everyone adored. Kurt had a really rough time at High School, even before he announced his sexuality. We learn in the first few episodes that he was seriously depressed, he even picked up a pamphlet about committing suicide from the school counsellors office. But the glee club picked him up, they accepted his differences, such as his choice of style and shaped him into a confident man. Even though he had troubles with his dad getting to terms with the fact he was gay and having to deal with all the bullies – even when they threatened to kill him. He still rose above them, and though it took time, he landed a place at NYADA. Kurt came a long way through glee, and I will be forever proud of him.

5. Finn Hudson  

Finn was my all time favourite, since age 11, he was my major crush. His personality also added to the many reasons to why I loved him. He was always driven and wanting the glee club to do well, he was the one to motivate them. However, the show and the world lost an amazing actor, Cory Monteith back in 2013. It was a huge shock to everyone and when I watch glee again from time to time, it saddens me to know this amazing human is not still alive. He bought the glee club together, not caring what his football friends thought. He helped Santana and Kurt through their darkest times, he forgave Quinn for everything she had done – which was quite a lot! He dated Rachel (in real life too!). He was an inspiration to many, rest in peace you beautiful human.

So all in all, Glee was really a show to inspire many – from every aspect they could think of and I haven’t even included everyone! If I did, the blog would be never ending. So I picked my top 5, because I truly believe that these characters touched many people’s hearts and people were able to relate to them. So if you haven’t watched glee, please give it a try because it’s honestly an amazing show. (And I haven’t given away THAT many spoilers lol sorry)

‘Being apart of something special, makes you special’

Rachel Berry 

Technology and Women 

Our world is constantly developing with technology. Peoples lives are being saved because doctors can now print 3D organs, businesses are able to set up a page on Facebook with a few simple clicks, politicians can tweet during a live debate in the House of Commons, the list is never ending. I myself am a lover of technology, I love to be able to see how something functions, even if it’s just a switch.

However, I remember a situation that personally happened to me a couple of years ago. I was in physics class and we were working out how to turn on a light bulb. The first one to do it would get a pack of sweets, which obviously, my 13 year old self was driven by. The teacher handed out the equipment and set the timer, following the basic instructions, I was able to construct a functioning light bulb. Shooting my hand straight in the air and saying I did it, the whole class stopped and looked. The boy sitting next to me said ‘wow that’s surprising, didn’t think the girls were any competition with this kind of thing.’

Straight away I remember feeling confused to why he said that. However, as I’ve grown up, I’ve come to realise that the techno world is very male based. Here are some examples:

1. Steve Jobs, creator of Apple

2. Bill Gates, creator of Microsoft

3. Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook

Do not get me wrong, these men are inspiring to many, including me. Although, it would appeal to me more if I saw a female face in one of these pictures. In a hundred years time, I do not want people still thinking that only men changed the world of technology. I want people to see the rise in women empowerment and I want them to know that we are just as clever. It is not a ‘mans job’, it is anyone’s job who has a go. Technology is changing rapidly, it was only 10 years ago that we didn’t even have iPhones! So why can’t the role of women change drastically too? Women have the right to do any job, just as a man has the right to also do any job. Lets try to change this!


Greys Anatomy – Women Empowerment 

As a fan of the show myself, I thought I would blog about the successful show. Throughout the years of it being aired, people have jokingly said that it has made them want to be a surgeon, however I’ve thought different. From season 1 to 12, Shonda (the writer of the show) has expressed female empowerment and inspired many. Here are some examples:

1. Izzie Stevens

2. Amelia Shepherd

3. Meredith Grey

4. Cristina Yang

However, Shonda stepped it up during season 12 when she gave (spoiler alert!) Bailey the position as chief of surgery. I think as society is growing, more and more women are becoming more powerful, understanding that they are just as intelligent, job worthy and as equal to men. I think Shonda has really come to grips with this, and emphasises this throughout the show, encouraging women to do the same. Therefore, I encourage you to not only watch greys anatomy; if you don’t already (get ready for an emotional roller coaster) but to also realise the power within yourself and to not be afraid to use it. Shonda is a genius for making greys more about a woman’s strength than relationships, she couldn’t have done it any better!

5. Miranda Bailey (sums it up!)

3 inspirational business women 💁🏽

The goalposts for women in business are finally starting to widen but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a TON of work to do. The next few years are going to be huge for female empowerment. Being a women in the workforce, which has historically been driven by men, has it’s own set of difficulties, but that hasn’t stopped these 3 women from becoming masters of their own domain.

1. Nanxi Liu

This self-made woman spent the first five years of her life separated from her parents and living off the grid in rural China. Eventually Nanxy Liu was reunited with her parents in the USA and began her education and piano lessons, making herself enough money to pay her own way through UC Berkeley. By 2014 Liu had won the Young Innovators Award sponsored by Microsoft and Nokia, based on her successful medical startup company focused on enabling certain medications to survive sans refrigeration. But Nanxi Liu didn’t stop there. Her next startup called Enplug focuses on making the static digital screens at stadiums into interactive displays of live streaming social media. For this achievement, Entrepreneur Magazine placed Enplug in the list of Top 30 Startups to Watch.

2. Krystal Harrell

Krystall Harrell has been an entrepreneur in the business world for 10+ years and she shows no signs of slowing down. She is what you might refer to as a “millennial marketing specialist” with a focus on self improvement and mentoring. This native South Carolinian was a former reservist in the US Army, practices yoga and proudly states her desire to be wealthy, but only by working with integrity. At the tender age of 23, Harrell was named The Next Generation Female Entrepreneur by Fortune Magazine. Today she works for herself as an independent marketing consultant and project manager and has worked with such influential brands as; Toys for Tots, Susan G. Koman Passionately Pink, JustFab, and The Aveda Institute.

3. Liz Bohannon

Liz Forkin Bohannon is the co-founder of Sseko Designs, a small start up that sells sandals, clothing and accessories in order to provide employment and scholarship opportunities to women to women who are living in poverty around the globe. Her successful business has been able to empower women by supplying them with employment and education that they could not have had access to otherwise. Not only is her amazing startup gaining notoriety and traction, (she was recently featured on Shark Tank) but the products she sells are beautiful, well-made, and ethical.


My love for dogs is unconditional. I cannot think of a day where I have not thought about dogs. I have two of my own, they are Labradors, and they are the most dumbest but loving dogs to possibly exits.

A lot of people question what humans did to deserve dogs and I think it is because we experience some part of our life where we feel alone or unloved. Dogs have a tendency to love humans no matter what skin colour they are or their sexuality. They see us as a person, a person who they love dearly. I really think we can learn from these dogs, though they might be oblivious to many things and run into glass doors. Their unconditional love really shows us how judgemental we are to our own species.

Dogs are able to give us what a lot of humans can’t, and that is happiness. They can fulfill our hearts with overwhelming joy, like when they come and greet a random stranger. I think if all humans were as loving as dogs were, our society would be more accepting and happier. Dogs are probably the greatest animals to exist on the earth and I’m forever grateful to have two of them in my life.


Proud of ME

This badge may not seem that great but to me it’s almost everything. During my six years at my secondary school, I’ve always loved being a part of everything. Whether it was sport, music or academia, I’ve loved and been a part of it. So, as I am coming up to my last year of school. There are certain roles to be filled such as head boy, head girl, head of house and prefect. I didn’t want to be head girl as I did not think that role was for me. However, head of house was my goal, and always has been since I joined the school.

In January, I sent in my application for the role to be head of house. I knew I had some strong competitors, most of which were my closest friends. This made it difficult to show just how much I wanted it because I didn’t want to get my hopes up. But after endless stress over whether I got it or not, I was awarded the badge as head of house at the beginning of March. I literally cried with excitement and I can honestly say it’s one of the first times I’ve been really proud of myself. Not to brag, but I’ve won various events, yet this really made me feel more confident as this was given with honour and responsibility. I cannot be more happy with achieving this, just thought I would let you all know.

Not to be cheesy, but I can now understand why people tell you to not give up on your dreams, because if you really do want something and you put in the work and effort, you will be awarded some way, it won’t go unforgottern!


I’ve been told many times that the British schooling system is one of the best educational systems in the world. As much as I agree that it allows students to thrive at their favourite subjects in their last two years. – I do think it’s flawed. 

I’m well into my first year of sixth form and my experience of GCSE’s wasn’t great. I know that I’m a good student, however, I go to a pushy school, where students are the best of the best. My mum made me work really hard to get into the school because they promised me the best education. In a mothers eyes, she wants her child to excel in school so she can go to a top university and get a great job. Although, to be able to excel in something, you have to enjoy it.

For me, GCSE’s were daunting, I thought wasn’t good at science or maths. But really, I was good at them and I loved to learn about the human body or the planets or even how to use a protractor. However, I think exams took the fun away from these great subjects. They aren’t my strongest and to carry them on, I had to get an A* , which was very hard for me. My teachers would say to me whilst I was revising ‘just aim for a B!’ Because they didn’t have faith in me, and it made me lose faith in myself. I came out with a B for bio, Chem, physics and maths and to this day, I still regret listening to the teachers. I know that I could have worked harder and got a better grade yet I didn’t think I could. 

So now, I’m doing my best subjects – not necessarily my favourite. Because my teachers didn’t think I was cut out to be a scientist, just because of what my exam sheet said. To be honest, this is where I think all the systems are flawed. Teachers, employers, parents, rely too heavily on the grade, when really it was down to whether I could remember the specific word that would get me a mark or whether I was having a good day. Exams nowadays seem to define you and what you are good at. But they don’t show your interests and what you are like as a person. 

All universities but 2 in England don’t require an interview, which I am honestly appalled at. I wish that they had interviews, so that a piece of paper with results from exams you did when you were 15, wouldn’t define you as a person. I am a great student, I love to learn about history, I love to learn about how the heart works or how a computer is wired, but it’s whether I can recall this information in a time limit of 2 hours, with questions that require a completely different answer to what you’ve learnt. And what about all the amazing work I’ve done in class and for homework? Where I’ve had time to think and produced a perfect essay? Why aren’t these things taken into account? Exams only bring stress on young students, who should be outside during the holidays, not cooped up in their bedroom trying to cram every sentence into their brain. 

I’m not saying that I want exams to end, but I do believe there should be more to it than just a grade at the end of the year that defines how you work in 2 hours under pressure.

I do think that people shouldn’t have to give up the subjects that interest them, just because they aren’t good enough to carry the subject on.

I do think that students should be considered for more than just some stats from their exams.

There’s more to a student than an exam, much more. Yet these aren’t accounted for because they aren’t viewed to be ‘necessary’. 

I think exams obviously have a purpose in the schooling system, but why can’t there be more than just 2 hours of work at the end of a three year course?